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From Dani (Hungary) : Thanks be to God and to all of the pilgrims :
– for the joy of being together with awesome people whom through the Love of God was shining
– to see, speak, listen, watch, laugh, be together with sisters, especially those who are at my age
– to get to know the life of Philippine and through her be closer to God
– for the work of those who were organizing, leading and praying for this event
– for the nature and beautiful landscapes of France
– for the grace that after a long difficult period I was able to be again fully myself
– for the testimonies
– for the scene from Philippine’s life at Grenoble as it really touched my heart
– to be in a same community with our protestant brothers and sisters
– to become as a community like a bunch of flowers
– that Philippine was always with us during our way : there was only rain when we were able to sleep inside,…

The virtue of humour, by s. Ewa Bartosiewicz RSC On Sunday, I returned from the pilgrimage in the footsteps of St. Philippine Duchesne in France. The evening before I left, together with my post-academic community in Poznań, I read this passage from a book by Fr. Tadeusz Dajczer “Reflections on faith” : “The one enthroned in Heaven laughs” (Ps 2 : 4). When you look at yourself in the light of faith, you will see that all your claims for absolute seriousness and recognition are actually ridiculous. The sense of self-importance is largely opposed by the “virtue” of humour. It turns out that it is very necessary for faith as an act of growth in seeing the world in the right light and in the right proportions. Humour is seeing the world on the axis of absurdity. “ Searching for the Philippines home in Grane  : The author goes on to write about Jansenism, which I have heard a lot about in the history of my Society. It was in this trend that St. Madeleine Sophie grew up and it took her many years to get rid of the false image of God who is distant and cold, from whom we must constantly deserve love, and we will never be able to do it anyway. That is why, as the Sisters of the Sacred Heart, we are sent to show people that God is tender, close and wants to give us life and happiness completely for free – love is our mission ! Fr. Dajczer writes about one more face of Jansenism : “According to Jansen’s views, a Christian is a penitent for sins, he can not allow himself to be joyful. The sorrow of his sins should dominate in his life. (…)  The “virtue” of humour will help you overcome the poison of sadness that Satan is trying to put in your soul, and by taking away your self-love, it will enable you to live a life of joyful faith. “ Thus, the answer to the evil of Jansenism is also a sense of humour and a life of joy that Jesus always wanted for us ! In his reflection, however, he goes even further : The “virtue” of humor, seeing the world in terms of the absurd is a religious procedure that can have the value of an exorcism. When you fight with a wave of temptations, a wave of intrusive thoughts that can torment you, do not join in the fight against Satan, because he is stronger than you, but try to laugh at him and ignore him. Use this “exorcism”, which is a religious sense of humour. Laughing at Satan you reject his attack in the most effective way. The beautiful of Vercors mountains. To my great surprise, at the beginning of our pilgrimage, one of our sisters, someone from the Sacred Heart family and a Jesuit priest stood on stage and began with a story that the Congregation for the Causes of Saints has just announced that from now on, apart from the two miracles needed to be canonised, they will need… a joke ! It will be necessary to prove that the future saint had a sense of humour So on all subsequent days we could witness a sketch, during which all three in a brilliant manner referred to the life of Philippine, visited places and our life as pilgrims. It was a realspiritual feast ! Monastery in Grenoble During the pilgrimage, we had the opportunity to get to know not only the place where St. Philippine lived, but also her – as a woman of relationship, of  surpassing herself, receiving the unexpected and constantly praying. I recognised her as the one who is now smiling from above and reminding us not to be so serious.

De la part de Sr Anne-Catherine, Sœur de Notre Dame du Cénacle 
Je peux dire que ce temps fort de l’été avec le Réseau MAG+S a contribué à élargir mon cœur … à une nouvelle figure spirituelle inspirante, celle de Ste Philippine Duchesne. Chaque jour pendant la 2e semaine de pèlerinage, méditer sur un aspect de sa vie et de sa personnalité : femme missionnaire, femme des dépassements, femme de prière, femme qui sait aimer, femme connectée, femme qui porte du fruit, m’a permis de nourrir mon propre chemin avec le Seigneur et de réentendre qu’Il nous veut « saints grâce à son amour » (Ep 1,4) : un beau programme !
… à la famille ignatienne, davantage. Faire connaissance avec des « cousins » jésuites, religieuses et laïcs nourris par la même spiritualité, et approfondir certaines amitiés sont toujours très précieux pour vivre de manière heureuse ma propre vocation.
… à tous ces jeunes venus des 4 coins de France et d’ailleurs. Leur soif de rencontres, de paix et de dépassements, leur quête de Dieu dans un quotidien souvent chargé, leur ouverture au monde, me confirment dans ma mission de prière et d’accompagnement et me font rendre grâce pour la vie qu’ils cherchent, portent et donnent déjà.
… aux personnes rencontrées, notamment pendant la 1ère semaine d’immersion dans la communauté de l’Arche (de Jean Vanier) à Grenoble. La vie ordinaire partagée avec des personnes handicapées, leur capacité à nous accueillir et à ne se soucier de rien d’autre que de vivre l’intensité du moment présent sont pour moi une leçon de vie, simple et profonde, que je désire garder au cœur et à l’esprit.

Avec les mots de Ste Thérèse Couderc, autre figure ignatienne fondatrice, je peux vraiment dire  :« Quoique mon cœur déborde de reconnaissance, il ne sait dire que ce petit mot : MERCI ! »

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